Aircraft Page Change History :

2016-10-11: Added Beechcraft Sundowner and updated Cessna 172

2016-07-27: Added MB-339 photos

2015-11-12: Added B-52 and F-18E photos

2015-10-31: Added checklists to F-18, F-16, A-7 and kneeboard card for P-51

2015-05-08: Updated pictures for GZ-20, A-4, F-4, B-52 and F-111

2014-01-30: Corrected errors in the S-3A and Egrett notes (Thanks to Ron Woltman)

2014-01-29: Added T-AV8B (I had skipped it!)

2014-01-19: Moved an F-18 video source and other fixes

2013-09-01: Added Bravo Zulu to F-18

2013-08-24: Added pictures to F-18, A-4 and F-4

2013-05-21: Fixed some links and added others

2013-04-30 Added USAFTPS Qual eval sheets

2013-04-15: First complete upload